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  • My grandmother in an Ektachrome world. Kodak Ektachrome 100D Color Reversal Film. Camera: Arriflex Arri-S Lenses: Zeiss Super Speeds Processed: Metropolis Post in E-6 Scanned: 2K DPX Sequence. Music: Musik für Kinder III, No. 15 "Four Pieces for Xylophone": Gassenhauer Nach Hans Neusiedler - Karl Peinkofer Percussion Ensemble
  • But what about processing? Both Ektachrome Type A and Type G films were meant to be processed with the old Kodak EM-26 system--which is no longer available. Unlike the modern Ektachrome today, these two films have a remjet layer. This layer would have been removed by the lab when you sent the film out to be processed.
  • This gives greater exposure latitude and faster processing turn around. If you need this film processed as a positive for traditional film projection, please contact Hanna Chetwin at AFW in Melbourne: [email protected] $42 : Ektachrome '7294' 100d Colour reversal 100 asa. A long time in the making, this is the new Ektachrome from Kodak!
  • Kodak Professional Ektachrome E100 is a daylight-balanced color transparency film characterized by its extremely fine grain structure, vibrant color rendering, and overall low contrast profile.
  • Dec 16, 2020 · Cs6 “Creative Slide” 3-Bath Process for color-timing E-6 reversal film. In conclusion…. I think CineStill’s new offering is a unique and valued addition to the E-6 processing community. It doesn’t seem so long ago that Ektachrome was discontinued- temporarily as it turned out.
  • Ektachrome process EM-26, Agfa Moviechrome or similar dye incorporated color films – By default, this is the only type of vintage movie film that are processing into color. You can request that it be processed into a B&W negative instead of color if you wish to take the safest possible approach to salvaging something from the film.
  • EKTACHROME Professional Infrared EIR Film can be processed in either Process AR-5 or Process E-6 chemicals, depending on the results required: ° For infrared accuracy, use KODAK EA-5 Chemicals and Process AR-5. An exposure index of 100 is a good starting point for daylight exposures with a KODAK WRATTEN Gelatin Filter No. 12.
  • Ektachrome. About 369 results (0.36 seconds). r/analog. · r/analog. accidental double exposure, Kodak Ektachrome 100, Yashica 635.
  • recommended processing. Use the data only as a guide. For critical applications, make tests under your conditions. PROCESSING Process this film in KODAK Chemicals, Process E-6. For consistent processing of this and all other EKTACHROME Films, use a lab that is a member of the KODAK Q-LAB Process Monitoring Service. RETOUCHING
  • Kodak Professional has teased its first batch of sample photos from its revived Ektachrome slide film on Instagram and Facebook.
  • KODAK EKTACHROME E100 35MM 36 EXPOSURE. DEVELOPING: This is an E6 Slide film, but don't worry - we offer slide film processing for an additional charge in-house. Give us a call for directions on where to ship your film if you're from outside of the greater Seattle area. We're here to help if you've got questions!
  • ...processing data for the EASTMAN EKTACHROME films processed through an ECN-2 process. However, seasoning effects from EASTMAN EKTACHROME films could adversely affect the...
  • Lafont Ektachrome is a stylish Square frame for Women. These designer prescription glasses are made to accommodate most prescription lenses. These Prescription Glasses feature a fashionable full frame design. A rim all the way around the lenses, provides for maximum stability and durability..
  • It is my new go-to when I want rich, saturated color, deep shadows, and beautiful skin tones! But I’m also dying to experiment with it a little… maybe even try cross-processing (something I haven’t done since the 90’s… ha!) THE TAKEAWAY. Ektachrome is beautiful, vivid, and a lot of fun to shoot (lightmeter in hand, of course).
  • Sep 27, 2018 · Years after it was discontinued, Ektachrome is back — and analog photographers and filmmakers are excited. Kodak announced this week it had begun shipping its Ektachrome E100 slide film.
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Dark platinum color codePlease address film processing orders to : theFINDlab 170 Mountainway Drive #107 Orem, UT 84058. 801-691-0060. [email protected] thefindlab.com. Instagram. Share ... { "dataType": "Constellation", "ark": "http:\/\/n2t.net\/ark:\/99166\/w664076n", "entityType": { "id": "700", "term": "person", "uri": "http:\/\/socialarchive.iath ...
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  • A late-stage example of the Kodachrome developing process. Kelly-Shane Fuller Back at CES 2017, our most popular story was a blog post about how Kodak is bringing back its Ektachrome slide film . Ektachrome Color Correction. It's not easy, but you can use Photoshop to restore faded prints and slides of all kinds. In this example, I've taken a badly faded Ektachrome slide almost 40 years old. I worked to set the black, white, and grey points, and then used curves and levels to reduce the yellow masking and bring out the remaining colors.
  • Ektachrome 100D Super 8mm Color Reversal is back and our labs are ready to serve you. W ith Film Forever's Super 8mm Ektachrome 100D Film Developing it doesn't get any easier or more convenient for you. This package includes: - Film Developing for one 50ft. roll of Super 8mm Ektachrome 100D Movie Film (our minimum charge).
  • Mar 03, 2012 · Inventories of Ektachrome E100G, E100VS, and Elite Chrome Extra Color are expected to last from six to nine months, though Kodak will still be producing its E-6 processing chemicals.

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🎦 Ektachrome. Quite the same Wikipedia. Ektachrome, initially developed in the early 1940s, allowed professionals and amateurs alike to process their own films.
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FPP E6 Home Processing Kit for Ektachrome and FujiChrome Color Slides It's here! After many years, The Film Photography Podcast gang has finally discovered the JOY of home processing our color E6 slide film. We're happy to offer this kit to you! Note: We ship E6 kits to US and Canada only. Makes 1 US Quart - You will n
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With the FPP Home E6 Kit you can develop color positive 35mm, 16mm or Super 8 Ektachrome at home! https://filmphotographystore.com/collections/darkroom-suppl... Dec 10, 2019 · Kodak Alaris Announces EKTACHROME E100 Availability in 120 and Sheet formats ROCHESTER, N.Y. Dec 10, 2019 – Kodak Alaris today announced the launch of EKTACHROME E100 in larger formats. A new 120 format 5-roll propack and a new 10 sheet 4×5 box will be available to order within the next 10 days, worldwide.
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Enter one or several NASA IDs in Mission-Roll-Frame format e.g. ISS039-E-12345, separated by line breaks and/or spaces, no more than 100.You can specify frame ranges by using Mission-Roll-Frame1-Frame2 e.g. ISS039-E-1000-2000. Oct 20, 2019 · Originally launched in the mid 1940s, Ektachrome is a color film from Kodak, used for transparencies. It was one of the first commercially-available color films, and one of Kodak’s flagship...
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Jun 09, 2014 · Kodak Ektachrome E100GX, Extremely Fine Grain/Warm Balance (Color Slide Film, ISO 100) Bought 2 pieces of this film (but I should have bought more!!) and tried it out on both my Diana Mini and Superheadz Super Fat Lens for comparison:
  • Aug 14, 2020 · Kodak Ektachrome E100 cross-processed in C-41 chemistry. As you can see, when Ektachrome E100 is cross-processed it picks up a huge amount of contrast, which also drives up its color saturation, but at the same time it preserves pretty normal colors with hardly any color cast.
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  • Ektachrome was a brand that was manufactured by Kodak, starting in the 1940s.
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  • ektachrome green Ektachrome, initially developed in the early 1940s, allowed professionals and amateurs alike to process their own films. This particular stock variant is extra sensitive to the green channel especially in lower luminance values.
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  • Our company was founded on the back of film processing and analogue photography and we are incredibly proud to still provide an exceptional and cost-effective service for film photographers. Our unrivalled C41 processing and Black & White film processing (for both 35mm film and 120 film) services still remain busy with both analogue ...
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  • 4,242 Likes, 66 Comments - Ryan Loco (@ryanloco) on Instagram: “The lovely @mandysacs shot on #MamiyaRB67 & @kodak #Ektachrome Process/Scan: @indiefilmlab”
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